Obama as World Leader


by Terry Lamb

April 2, 2009

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On Tuesday, President Obama embarked on his first international trip as leader of the free world. His eight-day, five-country itinerary includes visits to the UK for the G-20 meeting, followed by stops in France, Germany, the Czech Republic, and Turkey. His first visit abroad brings to mind the larger question of international relations with Obama at the helm. With the capable Secretary Hillary Clinton at the helm of the State Department, we can expect foreign relations to be better than under George W. Bush.

However, there is much that can be pinned on Obama because he has the ultimate leadership role. What kind of relations can we expect while he is president? What countries might be his special strengths? Where might he have difficulties unique to him?

There are several ways to assess this astrologically, but one of the most elegant is accomplished using an astro-locality map, like the one cast for his chart, show and linked in larger format above. Although we can look for specific planets that typically indicate difficulties, I think it is most useful to look at what planets are difficult for Mr. Obama to manage in his own life. These planets, when they are associated with a particular locality, may be projected onto his experience of the locality and be associated with difficult relations. Conversely, planets he uses well will be associated with positive foreign ties.

Obama’s Chart
The good news is that Obama has focused a lot of energy on self-actualization, and he uses most of the planets in his chart very well. The planets he has the most difficulty with are Mercury and Neptune (which squares his Sun and Mercury). Mercury is unaspected except for its square to Neptune, and in Leo it can be less than objective. Jupiter also ties into this and, in my opinion, provides balance and objectivity, since Jupiter is in Aquarius.

We will also look at Chiron and Pluto, which are opposed to each other. Typically, these planets represent challenges. He uses them most in his relationship with his wife, where he’s had the opportunity to develop a give-and-take balance of power. She is famous for bringing him back to reality when he gets a little too aristocratic or pedantic (a little too much Leo).

The planets he uses well include, of course, his Sun in Leo, Jupiter, Saturn, Venus, and his Moon. Mars, the planet of war, is often one to watch. His Mars in Virgo is more oriented toward work than war. He’ll try to work things out, develop “working” relationships. It’s part of his pragmatic side, and it trines his Saturn very nicely. While conventional wisdom would suggest that this is a planet to watch, I do not agree. I think that if Obama goes to war, it will be because he is swayed by others (Mercury square Neptune) rather than making such a decision on his own steam. While he has many other checks and balances in his chart to make this a manageable factor, it is one to watch nonetheless.

Obama’s Potential Trouble Spots
Eastern Africa [Kenya, Ethiopia, Sudan, Egypt, former Yugoslavia] (Pluto)
Mexico and Guatemala (Mercury-Neptune)
Eastern India, Bangladesh, Burma (Mercury-Neptune)
Brazil, Venezuela (Pluto, Chiron, Moon’s Node)
Russia (Neptune)
Obama’s Sweet Spots
United States, Canada (Moon, Sun, Jupiter, Saturn)
Australia (Venus)
Western Africa (Sun, Jupiter, Saturn)
Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Iran (Venus)
Central America (including Mexico) - Sun

Other Places of Interest
The following have mixed planetary associations, which will bring Obama’s focus there but the issues are potentially more easily resolved:

Central and southern Africa (Moon’s Node, Uranus, Chiron, Moon)
Mexico, Central America, and South America show up with both difficult and supportive planets.

A Closer Look at Mars
Mars, which is not particularly warlike in Obama’s nature/chart, is still worth watching. It most notably passes through Japan, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Iran, Moscow (Russia), and Brazil. There is no doubt that Iraq currently requires the more military side of Mars, but Mars in Virgo is thoroughly constructive, not destructive. Obama’s Mars efforts are more likely to be directed toward community-building, both locally and internationally.

What’s Missing
There are some obvious international hotspots that are missing from the list: Israel, Lebanon, Syria, the Palestinian territories, Pakistan, Afghanistan. This suggests that relations can be generally improved in these areas and that they will not need to receive as much focus as expected. I do not want to sidestep the obvious deep and difficult issues with Pakistan and Afghanistan; only that this perspective suggests that these countries may not be as important over the course of Obama’s presidency as it now appears. Perhaps diplomacy will win the day!

In general, because Obama is a more able leader and uses his planets with more understanding than our previous president, we can expect to see international relations improve dramatically, not just between the US and the other nations, but among the other nations as well. Tensions will drop as a leader takes the podium who has the ability to eloquently frame the issues in a positive and perceptive manner. Even though Obama has his weaknesses, his strengths are notable. It is possible to talk about world peace again as a viable reality.

© Terry Lamb


neith said...

Progress made on bringing about world peace would be so wonderful. All the posturing and chest beating of GWB was really, really annoying.

Astro-locality and relocation charts are always interesting. Thanks for helping us get a better idea of how astro-locality works.

Taru said...

I recently came accross your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I dont know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.



Lauren said...

Thank you Terry.

I am delighted with the prospect for the changing winds of US diplomacy- your insights offer invaluable support for President Obama's international policy directed toward co-operation and inclusion.

I also appreciate your support of the US Secretary of State and her efforts toward healing deeply incurred international wounds.... the grace of Mars in Pisces?

Terry said...

Thanks for all the comments and words of encouragement. I am deeply gratified with the way that Obama is handling foreign relations. Now let's see if he'll get the picture on the economy. I'm afraid he doesn't have the right people in charge right now. More on that in a future post. . .