Time for Change in Iran? An Astrologer Looks at the Possibilities


June 19, 2009

by Terry Lamb

The Islamic Republic of Iran has seen protests unprecedented in its brief history. Around the world, we watch in horror of the violence and awe at the courage of those who are standing up for their rights. What can astrology say about this moment in Iranian history? Will it be a footnote or a turning point?

Iran was born in violence, and it shows in its chart. From the Sun opposition Pluto to the Moon opposition Neptune to the unaspected Uranus in the 4th (the people’s) house — the chart for the current republic is full of challenge. Now those points are being triggered as the latest election reveals suppressed conflict and the desire for greater freedom.

The People Want to Expand. (Jupiter SRx with Chiron-Neptune in Aquarius)
When the election results announced a win for incumbent president Ahmadinejad on Saturday, June 13, the strongest planet in the astrological heavens was Jupiter — nearly at a standstill to its retrograde. This is the planet of expansion, and the fact that it is highlighted right now tells us that the Iranian people are chafing at the suppression of their freedoms.

Jupiter, if you will recall, is in a triple conjunction with Chiron and Neptune in freedom-seeking Aquarius, so we have to consider the impact of these three planets on Iran’s chart. Ironically, they do not make strong connections to the chart of the nation, and this speaks volumes. It tells me that, although the people seek freedom, they have no connection to the processes that leads to reform in government. Their movement, their wishes, will be disregarded, at least initially.

The People Want to Be Free. (Saturn-Uranus, Uranus SRx)
Saturn and Uranus, which have been opposing each other, are also central to the events in Iraq. Uranus is also near its station, getting ready to turn retrograde on July 1. This strikes at the real heart of the Iran chart, falling at the midpoint of its excitable Mars-Mercury conjunction. Between now and July 1, the volatile energy of Uranus will intensify, making people more prone to take up a cause, regardless of the danger.

Saturn is on the North Node of Iran’s chart, reminding the people (including its leaders) of its original purpose for being — its responsibilities to the citizens. There are very pragmatic (Virgo) reasons for a moderation of policy back from the extreme expressed by Ahmadinejad.

As Saturn and Uranus continue to interact, a long-term process of adjusting power in the Iranian republic will take place, but the change will take place as a series of eruptions. It will not be complete until next summer.

The Essentials of the Situation will Unfold in July and August.
July and August bring contacts to Iran’s chart that will reveal how the current government will deal with the crisis in the short run. July and August brings several events of note, but there are others in the fall as well:

The Essentials of the Situation will Unfold in July and August. (Eclipses)
July and August bring contacts to Iran’s chart that will reveal how the current government will deal with the crisis in the short run. July and August brings several events of note, but there are others in the fall as well:

• The solar eclipse of July 21 (July 22 in Iran) is exactly conjunct Iran’s Jupiter (29̊ Cancer).

• The two lunar eclipses of the summer square Iran’s Pluto (July 7) and contact all of Iran’s angles (August 6).

• The opposition of the Sun to Jupiter is also significant (August 14). Jupiter retrogrades back until it connects with Iran’s Descendant. This will occur on October 12 and occurs near to the time of other planetary peaks happening in the fall.

This is clearly a turning point in Iran’s history. With Jupiter and the eclipses involved, a change in leadership seems likely. There is a rift among the clerics of the Assembly of Experts as to what direction to take with this situation. The Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Khamenei, called the shots on the events related to the election so far. The real shift in power may come when a new Ayatollah is chosen that indicates a shift in the philosophy of the ruling council of clerics.

A Peaceful Transition Is the Only Good Solution.
Many commentators have speculated that internal changes are due. One DailyKos reporter states,

My theory, for what it's worth, is that Mousavi’s victory was originally acceptable to Khamenei, not really being THAT drastic a change considering the Supreme Leader is still the one in charge; however, it WAS a drastic change to have the kind of pro-democratic fervor in the streets leading up the the election, and (if numbers leaked from the Interior Ministry are correct) to have 3/4 of the Iranian electorate vote for the two reformist candidates, leaving Ahmadinejad and the other conservative candidate in the dust. Khamenei saw this coming, panicked, and a fraud was hastily assembled.

Regarding a potential outcome, he comments that the Supreme Leader will string out the election investigation process to diffuse the protests. It is unlikely that the protests will continue at this level, but if they do, they will be put down violently, Tiananmen-style. But he says that Khamanei and the theocracy will fall together.

If Iran falls suddenly, a blood bath could ensue, resulting in the fracturing of the country into smaller tribal units. He says that, “Change must happen very slowly and peacefully for the theocracy to be overthrown.” With so many planets involved in the process, it bodes well for Iran's leaders to make a slower, if not more graceful, transition to a government that takes individual needs and the urge for freedom into account.

In the short run, there will be continued unrest and volatility at least through July 1. The eclipses and other events could be reflected in continued popular activism through mid-August. It is hard to imagine that the population could sustain their show of peaceful solidarity for long periods; short outbursts are more likely. However, many dedicated Iranians feel that now is the time for change, and they are not likely to give up any time soon.

© Terry Lamb


Barry Goddard said...

The chart for the 1979 revolution itself - Feb 1 - has MC at 2.47 Capricorn, which Pluto is of course now conjoining. This I think is the chart for the desires and aspirations of the people, and it gives a weighty enough outer planet transit to suggest a deeper change is on the way.

Terry said...

Thanks for being alert to an omission in my post. Pluto also makes a substantial contribution to the events in Iran: Just as we pass the solstice (the time of maximum light), the Sun is opposing Pluto, generating a huge peak of transformative power over 5 days (June 19–23). The people of Iran have been awe-inspiring in their steadfast courage in standing up to a brutal putdown by the state. This is happening as we speak, in the dark of night following a state-decreed blackout, so no one can broadcast images to the world.

Pluto does not highly activate the chart of official Iran at this time, but it does the chart for the revolution. In fact, this chart is triggered over the coming 2 years. It is not until October 2011 that a powerful revolutionary process is complete, if the time for the Iranian Islamic Revolution in 1979 is exact to the minute (doubtful). Regardless of the exact timing, Iran is in for a period of complete transformation that is brought to life now by the other precipitating factors mentioned in my blog article.

Iran is also experiencing its Saturn return, stimulating deep questioning of authority in light of Uranus’s simultaneous opposition. Much will unfold between now and July 1, especially if the revolution makes it past June 23.

Right on, Dharmarucci!

Diane L said...

Great post, Terry! The comment from the DailyKos reporter rings true.

Sure hope Iran can manage a relatively peaceful change. A devastated Iran could complete the destabilization of the whole region. Makes me appreciate this country even more . . .

Barry Goddard said...

Hi there again. Also, the revolutionary MC is at 2.47 cap, and next year pluto stations at 2.47 Cap!

I was wondering how you managed to get that 'get email updates' gadget on your site - I've been to feedblitz, given them my card details etc, but I can't seem to make much sense of what they want me to do next on my blogspot! You can email me at Dharmaruci71@hotmail.com Thanks

Anonymous said...

I find the whole thing passing strange. What Really Happened is uncovering stories, developments and reports that we are not seeing from the mainstream media. As of this moment, according to some sources, it appears the US meddling yet again but what else is new? Countries with Cancer Suns appear to have cancerous tendencies.