Obama Baby Boomlet? The Astrology of the Babies of Hope


Newsweek started it: the rumors that after Obama was elected our 44th president (OOOH, that sounds so GOOD!) some couples hopped in the sack to celebrate sans birth control. If this life-changing event follows the pattern of many similar ones, a spike in the birth rate could occur approximately 40 weeks from Election Night.

The irony of this is that Barack Obama himself could be the product of one of these boomlets. He was born August 4, 1961, just shy of 40 weeks after the Kennedy election. Now he gets the chance to spur a repeat of history in the first of perhaps many ways.

This notion may bring on a chuckle and a yawn to most people, but to those who watch the planets it is an object of intrigue. What will the birth charts of these children be like? There are longer term patterns that they will have in common. Will they hold as much promise as the man who inspired their conception?

The Promise of the Obama Baby Boomers
Most OBBs will be born in early-mid August 2010, with their Sun in Leo. Leo is the sign where the Sun shines brightest — it is the sign of its rulership, where it is strongest, but also most demanding of its recipients. This Sun cannot shine without qualification, however. It is involved in an epic pattern with Jupiter, Chiron, and Neptune.

There are two components to this incredible pattern. First, you can see in House 4 the planets Jupiter, Chiron, and Neptune in a fairly tight conjunction. This is the first-ever conjunction of these planets since Chiron was discovered in 1977, and it last occurred in 1945. These are planets that when grouped act more on a transpersonal level than personally. On that larger-than-life level, this pattern represents “healing the Great Wound” of a culture. In 2008-09, while this pattern is being felt, it is about the re-invention and reevaluation of the American Dream, returning it to its more idealistic, less materialistic origins in the dream to be free.

Peak Experience
In the short run, there could be some abrupt adjustment in the culture (the economy?) at that time. This is because the Sun is involved in this pattern, reaching the peak of its yearly cycle, comparable to a Full Moon, with all three planets at one time on August 10. This is huge, even for those born before and after this date. When it reaches the culmination of its cycle with even one planet there are noticeable increases in tensions and situations that are already out of balance. With three cycles culminating at once, there is reason to believe that there will be a tremendous shift at this time — and tremendous potential for growth.

While we may not deal with this energy particularly well as a passing fancy, the children born at this time will have it embedded in their nature. They will get the challenges and joys of fulfilling the gifts that lie within. Like Obama, they will have obstacles in life that, if overcome, become grist in the mill of excellence.

Also active in the heavens at that time is the Saturn-Uranus opposition that we began experiencing this fall. It is on background at the time of OBB births, but it will be highlighted within the first two months of their lives and leave a mark in their nature to worked out as they grow. These children will understand the fleeting nature of stability and may experience such instability or chaos early in life. Mars adds insult to injury, but this pattern ultimately becomes the fodder for excellence. Those who are successful in dealing with this will be good at responding to crisis and won’t be easily threatened by life’s circumstances.

It’s Not All Challenge.
There are enough harmonies here that these children will be a joy to their parents, who may be a law unto themselves, refusing to fit into any preconceived categories. These children are born healers, just as those born in 1945-46 are. They will help us understand the unpredictable aspects of life. We will be deeply enriched by their presence; they deserve our extra special care, and I for one cannot wait to see who they become.


jude cowell said...

Great article, Terry, and I suspect you're correct about
people....celebrating in this way!

Is the chart shown set for Aug 10, 2009? Jude

Terry said...

Thanks for your comment, Jude. I too like to hear about people having fun again! ;-)

Yes, the chart shown is for August 10, 2009, with an arbitrary time and place. That is strictly 40 weeks (10 lunar months) from the night of the election. In reality, these 40 weeks include the first two weeks of the woman's cycle that typically precede ovulation, but recent research has shown that ovulation can occur at any time (such as when the Moon trines a woman's Moon) and is even sometimes triggered by sexual activity.

Thirty-eight weeks would give us a birth date around July 28, but that would still be in Leo and carry the same essential energies and interpretation.

Thanks for giving me the opportunity to explore the "fine print" to this interpretation.

Lauren said...


Thank you for your wonderfully inspired article!

I was so intrigued with the gestation and birth of "hope" that I compared your OBB chart with President-elect Obama's chart and was not surprised to find many fine gems!

Once again I stand in awe at the unfolding of our universe.