Universal Man: Barack Obama As President


If there were ever a miracle to turn around the world’s, and the nation’s, belief in America as the land of opportunity and equality, the election of Barack Obama to the presidency is it. In the space of a day, the wave of the hand of fate, the US is on the path to recover its image and its role of responsible leadership in the world.

If anyone can lift the country out of its troubles, it is President Obama. He is an able leader, and he has shown every sign of being able to hold to his Great-Man Potential when granted power. There is much more to say about this, but in a nutshell we can tie this to his Leo-Aquarius emphasis.

Sun in Leo naturally shines out a beacon of love and generosity. It is the sign that the Sun rules and is strongest in. The Sun is the leader, the hero, the heart. With his Sun in Leo, he is a natural uniter because it is a sign that is responsive to others.

Because of the time of day of his birth (7:24 PM), he has Aquarius rising, the opposite sign from Leo. This produces a tempering process in his nature, building strength and balance. It forces a balancing, so that Leo never rises too high into arrogance and selfishness. It is the constant reminder that humility is the path to accomplish his goals.

David Axelrod described Obama as a person who stays on a even keel, who never allows his mood to rise too high, who “puts one foot in front of the other”. (This is a paraphrase.) I was startled when I heard him say this, because this is nearly verbatim the description of the Great Man in the I Ching.

We have a First Quarter Moon at 11:03 PM in Washington DC today. In that chart, the degree of Obama’s Sun rises in the chart. If that’s not a sign of hope for America and our presidential rising star, I don’t know what is.

I have great optimism for our future today, an optimism that I know many people share.


neith said...

I completely lost my usual air sign detachment and sat watching the election returns with tears in my eyes. :-)

Looking forward to more posts from you on the astrology of the challenges facing Obama as his presidency unfolds. He is going to have to use every bit of his eloquence to convince Americans about the personal sacrifices facing them. Yeah, the Sun-Neptune square is going to come in very handy!

Terry Lamb said...
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Terry Lamb said...

I completely agree! We should also be prepared for Obama to disappoint us if we hold rigid beliefs. He is not going to make decisions with reference to any particular group of people. Another aspect of the Aquarius rising is that he must be free of any trappings or strings when making decisions, and he has managed to do that. He is truly a man of the people, not of the Democratic Party or any faction within it, and not of lobbyists. What an amazing thing to accomplish! He is not beholding to any group except the people. It's the highest form of Aquarianism, another way he is universal.

L. said...

Every time I hear "President-elect Obama" a smile spreads across my face. I know he'll be an effective leader for our country and the world. It will be interesting to see how things develop during the next four Saturn/Uranus oppositions.

yeshe_choden said...

Universal Sons, the epitome of an irreplaceable moment: