Economy Remains Primary Issue in Election

It's the economy, stupid. That's what voters are saying. That's why the electoral map continues to look bluer every day.

If you're into the blame game, you can put it on Mercury retrograde. Mercury is in Libra and moving squarely across the Saturn of the United States. If you use the chart I do, cast for 9:35 AM, a time that makes sense with the historical record, this Saturn is in the house of the domestic economy. This makes enormous sense, as chaos is one possible result of this Mercury transit.

Don't Blame the Messenger.
Mercury is only the messenger, though. He has always brought missives from the other, heavier gods, represented by planets like Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, etc. Mercury has been making quite dramatic contacts with each of these planets, so we're getting a huge number of messages, and they seem to change daily.

When's it going to turn around? If it were just up to Mercury, we would be experiencing a fairly localized problem of short duration and the peak of the economic drama would be today. However, there are a few other factors to consider. First, Mercury continues retrograde through the 15th. Second, it will make another pass over the US Saturn on October 23-24. Third, there is another delicate planetary passage for Mercury on October 26-27. Finally the economic issues we face are based in longer term planetary cycles, indicating that our problems are more deeply seated and of longer duration.

Still, Mercury is a major factor in how we make sense of the problem. While it is sending so many messages, we feel overwhelmed and confused. As it moves through each of its narrow passages over the next two weeks, we'll see the fog gradually clear. Once it is out of Libra, we'll have a new perspective and discover a new approach. That happens, coincidentally, on November 4.