Will Election Fraud Change the Vote Again?

It’s important to be aware of the stealth issue of this election: election fraud. This is not the same as “voter fraud”, where people fraudulently cast a vote. (Voter fraud is virtually nonexistent.) Election fraud is where groups or individuals try to prevent eligible voters from voting or from their votes being counted. Although it has always been an issue (with neither major party innocent), this has been a rampant problem beginning in 2000.

There are many sources of information on election fraud tactics that are being used as we speak, but for a sobering and realistic report, listen to yesterday’s Fresh Air episode, where Terry Gross interviewed fired US Attorney David Iglesias, Zach Stahlberg of Philadelphia’s Committee of Seventy, and Common Cause’s election fraud expert Tova Wang.

This is the situation I have been most concerned about with the Saturn-Uranus opposition becoming exact on Election Day. The forces of the status quo are pitted against the forces of change, and it could get nasty. Oppositions are aspects of separation, and separation breeds fear. Fear breeds conflict (and greed). These are factors in the behavior we are seeing to prevent the sea change in government that is desired, expected, and should occur. This is what could delay the outcome of the election.

Watch the Senate Races.
In particular, this could significantly alter the outcome of several senate races, enough to prevent a change in the balance of power in the US Senate. With the way that the rules are being played now by the Republicans, the Democrats need a majority of 60 to pass bills there. Unless there is a return to "reaching across the aisle" on the part of the Republicans for the sake of the country, the Democrats must have 60 in their caucus to be able to accomplish the sweeping changes that are needed to bail us all out of the myriad difficulties we now face, from environmental reform to energy independence to regulation of the financial sector.

Reaching the golden number of 60 is a bit iffy anyway. But if the outcome in several close races, say the one between Norm Coleman and Al Franken, were to be tampered with in some way, we could end up with 59. If the election is fair, then so be it. But if the result is stolen, it denies the American people their rights in a profound way. We'll all --- perhaps everywhere on the planet --- lose if this occurs.

To track the senate races, go to fivethirtyeight.com. They have the most thorough tracking of all the races that I've seen.

Delayed Outcomes?
In a state with a Democratic Secretary of State, an outcome to many races may be delayed until all the votes are counted or taken into account in a fair manner. The focus will be on the battleground or swing states, such as Ohio. Ohio has made massive changes to their voting law, and their Secretary of State is on top of what’s going on. However, in Michigan all sorts of shenanigans are being attempted, such as disenfranchising people who are in foreclosure, even though this is against the law.

It’s clear that the majority of people want a change in government in every area possible. If the election results do not reflect the people’s wishes, there could be turmoil following the election. I’m hoping that the higher angels of our collective nature rule and bring us a fair outcome.

However, this is a “trust in God but tie your camel” type of situation. We all need to be aware of such possibilities and do whatever we can to make sure people know the law and vote. The New York Times is tracking this issue very assiduously. For a recent synopsis of the issues, see their article. There is a follow-up article from AP today refuting the claims in the Times article.


callieharper said...

This is really important and I have emailed the original NYT article to several friends along with a link to the Department of Justice file on the National Voting Rights Act (I've become so cynical that I verify everything I read these days!)
Thank you for your insights!