Post-Debate Planetary Pondering

It all hinged on the Moon. It was in late Capricorn during the debate, past any other planets in the heavens when measured by zodiacal degree. In energetic terms, the Moon is a trigger of action through our urges. When it is past the other planets (called void of course), we get down time, or as the I Ching says, “No action furthers.” This means that whatever actions we take during this time (until the Moon enters a new sign) will only work if they are the end of a matter. Activities started during the Moon’s void of course period tend not to develop.

The Town Hall Debate and the Void-of-Course Moon
The Moon was in its void period all during the debate. This says that activities begun during this time will come to nothing. We can extend that interpretation by noting that the Moon is associated with the public. This means that the public will not be changed by whatever happens during this time. The end result? Public opinion will not be changed by the debate; the debate will have no effect on the polls or electoral prospects of the candidates.

More precisely put, whatever trajectory the candidates are on, this debate will not change it. This is exactly what happened. Obama is up in the polls since yesterday, but this is unlikely to be due to the debates, since he is continuing on the rising trajectory he experienced beforehand. There was no bump from the debate itself, at least so far.

Beyond the Polls
This is quite separate from the notion of who won the debate, but the Moon can be used to ascertain who was favored by style and mood. Here the favor goes to Obama. Even though the Moon was past all the planets in their current positions, it was in direct contact with McCain’s Moon and Obama’s Saturn, both in late Capricorn. The Moon magnetizes energy to wherever it’s found in the heavens. Therefore, it drew energy to each of these planets in the candidates’ nature.

This was amply displayed in their demeanor and influenced the debate’s outcome. Whenever the Moon contacts our own Moon, it makes us more sensitive and moody. This was noted in the feisty attitude that came across in McCain’s speech and body language. He tossed the microphone, fidgeted, grimaced (that was not a smile, folks) in anger. When the Moon contacts our Saturn, we may feel more responsible, burdened, or work harder. If we use it well, we will rise to the challenge it presents. Barack Obama uses his Saturn well, as we’ve seen by his sense of responsibility, ability to bear up under hardship, and (nearly) unwavering focus on the good and the true.

This suggests that Obama’s demeanor will trump McCain’s and according to the pundits and analysts, as well as overwhelming public opinion, it did. In addition, we who observe the planets know a secret about Saturn and Moon when they are placed in Capricorn. That’s that Saturn is always going to trump Moon in this sign. This is because Saturn naturally does well here, while the Moon is very uncomfortable with this sign’s energies.

It is no surprise that both candidates were described as aloof or cold, because Capricorn is considered cold, and that’s where all the energy was during the debate.

For the next and final debate, the Moon is active, and Mercury is still and beaming its concentrated energy our way like a spotlight, and the whole world will be watching. Stay tuned to get a forecast of what will happen at the next debate.


Lynn Hayes said...

Great blog Terry! I'll quote you this morning if you don't mind. And thanks for the link, I'll add you to mine as well.

Jude Cowell said...

Excellent analysis!

I'll be adding your link as well.

Adam Smith said...

"Barack Obama uses his Saturn well, as we’ve seen by his sense of responsibility, ability to bear up under hardship, and (nearly) unwavering focus on the good and the true." (what???!!)

Oh, really.. perhaps the Neptune aspects in his chart are clouding perceptions. The "hardships" of having a fawning media overlooking his serial deceptions? Ignore the dark side of Neptune at your peril. for a point of reference among many well documented. Look up Joyce Foundation, Woods Fund (agenda to destroy the 2nd Amendment) CAC, Rashid Khalidi, Dohrn, etc etc.
It is also a fact that the current financial meltdown goes back about 1995 when Paulson, then head of Goldman Sachs, started using the CDS (Credit Debt Swap) which spread unchecked; Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, protected from regulation by Barney Frank, Dodd & co. The Left seems very willing to create another Great Depression in order to gain complete control of the country. Please stop drinking the kool-aid.