Why Do Investors Remain Unconvinced? And Ideas on Who Knows What to Do About It

What’s with those investors anyway? You give them a $700 billion bailout, and they still insist on pulling their money out of the stock market! MAN! How’s that for ungrateful?

So what’s it really about? What can we point to planetarily speaking that could be behind the drop in the stock market?

Let’s start with Mercury retrograde. When Mercury turns around, it focuses energy in a narrow band of the zodiac, this time in Libra. Now, Mercury goes retrograde three times each year for only 3 weeks at a shot. Why hasn’t this type of economic event happened before?

Mercury Is the Messenger.
It’s all in Mercury’s connections. What does it connect to in the heavens while it is retrograde? And for our nation, what does it connect to in the US chart? Here’s where the plot thickens. There are actually four planetary events that to me precipitated the economic crisis. I say “precipitate” because if the economy were sound, this would not be happening. It is human error that has brought it on, not Mercury or any of his compadres.

First Event: Mercury to the US Saturn (and Friends).
In the version of the US chart that I use (the one rectified by KT Boehrer and Zip Dobyns using historical data), Mercury tracks across the US house of the treasury (the 2nd) and triggers the most challenging configuration of the US chart, which covers all the zones of financial stability in the US chart (the fixed houses). Principle among these contacts is the direct hit to Saturn, which falls in the house of the treasury. Its hits to the US chart occur(red) on Sept. 8, 10, 16, 18, 29, 30 and Oct. 5, 7, 15, 23, 25, 29, 30. They are so continuous that they blur into each other, especially when you consider that other planets (principally Sun and Moon) will be in regular contact as well.

Second Event: Saturn Opposing Uranus
I have spoken about this before. It signals a shake-up of the system (any and every) that occurs over two years (through July 2010).

Third Event: Pluto Entering Capricorn
When planets go into Capricorn, they find their natural limits and so do we humans. This is what is occurring now in a big way, because it is Pluto. Woven into the financial situation is the rising cost of fossil fuels and gasoline (petrol), both monetarily and to the planet. Global warming and limitations on supply due to depletion and political instability in key nations add to the complexity. Pluto will be in Capricorn for 16 years, giving us a time frame for working this out.

Fourth Event: Uranus Squaring Pluto
Back in the 60s, Uranus and Pluto started a new cycle when they conjoined in Virgo. This cycle, which lasts approximately either 112 or 142 years, is up for its next big passage in 2010-2015. If the ecological movement was born at the time of the conjunction, it must become fully active now. Only when we have come to terms with how the world will function free of fossil fuels will the economy of any area be truly robust.

When Is It Over?
We can see why the stock market isn’t responding yet: There are too many factors to take in during this adjustment period; it’s too much too soon. But what’s the future prognosis? Since Mercury is involved, there will be a shift on and after October 15. My best forecast at this time is that the stock market will level off then and stay at a relative plateau for at least a few days. This could be the bottom. There will be tests of its resilience on the 23rd, 25th, 29th, and 30th. If we make it through those days without a drop in the averages, we’ll remain at that plateau for at least a few more days. Another critical period is November 4 (even if the election weren’t on that day). Obviously, the election will affect it. What the stock market will most fear is no outcome at all, so officials at all levels of government will be straining to produce a swift outcome. This could be undermined by election (NOT voter) fraud such as caging and threatening voters.

Because so many other factors are involved, we know that this won’t be over then. The powers that be are only beginning to understand the tangled mess they’ve created over the past 30 years. There’ll be another test December 5-15. If those in charge have taken the right actions by then, this may prove to be anti-climactic. No matter what, the situation will take careful handling and determined vigilance while a new economic policy, if not a new theory, is developed over the next two years and implemented over the following 14 years.

By the Way . . .
This event shows up in the chart of New York City (consolidation of the 5 boroughs, 1/1/1898, 0:01 AM). This chart has Mars conjunct Venus at 29 degrees Sagittarius, which Pluto has been transiting since late December last year. The “toxic explosion of greed” has led to the transformation of this financial capital. I joke that Sagittarius’s mantra is, “Only too much is enough”. It surely applies here. As new regulations are put in place, as a new economic system is built from the ground up, New York will surely also be transformed in yet another way.

There IS a Way Out.
There is a way out, and there are people who know what to do. When so many people do not, these people will be sought out and heard eventually. It is good to know that Obama has several of these people on his transition team already. It helps if we are better informed so that we can add our opinions as the vox populi. Listen to Paul Krugman (he also appears regularly on MSNBC), George Soros, and Thom Hartmann for wisdom on what we need to do to recover.


Diane L said...

So glad you are doing this, Terry!

I have a question for you . . . what propels someone to run for President, especially in times like these when they have to know it's going to take YEARS to resolve the economic problems facing this country and the world at large? In other words, from an astrological POV, what drives them?

Thanks!! :-D

Terry said...

I am thoroughly enjoying the opportunity to get this information out there. It's been brewing inside for a loooong time!

I'm not sure I can define an astrological signature very easily. Conjunctions of any of the planets Jupiter through Pluto come to mind. Obama has Jupiter=Saturn, Clinton has Saturn-Pluto. Obviously other aspects as well - squares, oppositions. These are energies that are beyond the personality. To understand and work with them, we have to reach beyond the self. Some people personify them by taking on roles of leadership or prominence. It's a great driving force.

For the candidates, I think they respond either to the ego and think that they can be great or gain the approval of their father, or whatever else drives them; or they can feel a calling to rise to the challenge - an impulse from the soul.

No one in their rational mind would want to take this on! In reality, I don't think it's either-or, but both. They have to be a little bit noble, a little bit hungry, and a little bit crazy to want the job.

The best of our leaders remain mindful of the call to serve, but the drive to gain power is a glittering seduction, and many have fallen prey to it.

Diane L said...

For the candidates, I think they respond either to the ego and think that they can be great or gain the approval of their father, or whatever else drives them; or they can feel a calling to rise to the challenge - an impulse from the soul.

These two both have father issues all right. Obama's was absent and McCain is trying desperately to live up his family military tradition of leadership. Bill Clinton's father was absent too as i recall. Being a good Libra, i'm willing to give both our current candidates the benefit of the doubt and say it's a mix of a call to service & desire to prove themselves to their internal expectations of their fathers.

I see this dynamic in my Aries husband whose much loved father was killed in a car accident when my husband was 22. With a natal Saturn-Neptune conjunction opposing his Aries Moon, he has imbued his father with all sorts of wonderful qualities to live up too. Myself, I know there was a profound shift when my father gave me his approval when I was 40+. It's one of those validations we all benefit from.