Barackalypse? I say Barackeclipse!


We’re on the other side of the Solar Eclipse now (which occurred at 2:55 am in Washington), and with an increasing number of executive orders reversing President Bush’s signing statements and executive orders, it seems that President Obama is living up to his promises to inject pragmatism and sanity into American life.

The eclipse also coincides with increased military activity in Afghanistan and Pakistan. This is in keeping with the pattern of behavior related to the points in the chart that this eclipse triggers: the US nodal axis. The US North Node is at 7̊ Leo, the South Node at the same degree in Aquarius (the opposite sign). The eclipse is conjunct the South Node, opposite the North Node. The nodal axis, especially the North Node, was triggered in all instances of declared war and most “police actions” of the United States.

Now, we know that Mr. Obama will handle war, as all things, differently. (Look for more on his handling of war in another post.) Perhaps it is too early to see how this offensive is part of a shift in policy, or if this was a follow-through on a military action that was already in motion when he took office.

This could have been a way for him to signal to the world that he is not afraid to use force when necessary. He has said that he’ll pay more attention to Afghanistan and Pakistan.

The Ultimate Eclipse Event
Even though the eclipse is physically over, the effects will continue to unfold over the coming lunar cycle (one month). Clearly, there will be many events in this unfolding new presidency. However, perhaps the most significant aspect of the eclipse is so huge, it’s staring us in the face: the election of President Obama, the first African-American, multi-cultural president in our history.

This is all in accord with the energy of the nodal axis, which shows the direction of evolution that the US is following: The pursuit of happiness in harmony with equality among all — that all people are equally entitled to joy, happiness, love and their pursuits. While this has not been the intention of the actions of those in power (this axis can also return us to monarchic tendencies of power over the people), it is the true ideal that will eventually be fulfilled.

The election of Barack Obama to the presidency speaks eloquently of that ideal and shows that we can get there. Even if it is not the final step, it is a big step on the way. As Bill Maher said on Real Time (11/14/08), “Stop saying that we’ve overcome racism just because we’ve found a qualified black man and elected him president. Everybody knows we won’t have true equality until we elect a dumb, unqualified black man.” Still, it is a HUGE step, and it is the ultimate, and ultimately beneficial (we hope), event related to the eclipse.


neith said...

I agree Pres Obama is restoring sanity again. After spending eight years wondering how in the WORLD could any thinking person make the choices Bush made, I am deeply thankful for 'no drama Obama' going about his business.

There don't seem to be any easy or straightforward solutions to the military "police actions" in Afghanistan in particular. The Russians must be laughing their heads. Afghanistan has been eating foreign invaders for centuries . . .

Terry said...

I agree about Afghanistan, sadly. They need help building a nation, but the men of the Taliban don't want the help.

Perhaps the multi-national force should create a way for all the women to leave the country, then leave the men to themselves. They'd still need to guard the border so no nukes get in, though!

I know, it ain't gonna happen this way.