The Good, the Bad, & the Inaugural Chart: Obama’s First Term, Part 3


This is Part Three of a series on the inaugural chart, which can be used to see the first four years of Obama’s presidency. The first part covers the powerful and promising Aquarian planetary grouping found in the chart. The second part outlines the general indicators of the chart and gives the winners and losers.

President Obama was sworn in at 12:05 PM, ushering in a new Era of Responsibility in American culture. This is the ultimate lesson of Aquarius — that in order to be free, we have to fulfill our responsibilities. This is what our new president reminded us of today in his inaugural speech.

Incredibly, the President was sworn in late due to a delay in seating outgoing VP Dick Cheney, who is currently wheelchair-bound with a back strain. The chart shown here reflects the change, but it does not substantially change the inaugural chart or the delineations given so far.

We can look at each house of the chart and see what conditions will exist or be created over the four years of Mr. Obama’s first term of office. Here’s what we can expect:

The People, their Mood and Attitude
The people will feel good, solid, stable and safer than they have in the past. They are reassured in spite of whatever lies ahead. This is because we are all pulling together instead of pulling apart. Now our government is supporting us (“here to help”), not undermining us. (Taurus rising, ruled by Venus exalted in Pisces)

The Nation’s Resources, Finances, & Wealth; the Values of the People
The economy will seem to be moving backward, but this is a good thing if it means moving back to an economy based on real work for read products. If we move back to giving blue- (and green-) collar workers a chance to work, we can return to value being created inside the US. If jobs are brought home from off-shore locations; if workers’ rights in the workplace are improved in various ways, these are good moves to the past. It may take time, but the people will lose their fascination with big cars and opulence and place a higher value on living sustainable. The economy will be slow, beleaguered, “retro”, and capricious, but with bright spots and some progress. It won’t be terrible, and it will be better than expected or feared. (ruled by Merc Rx)

Domestic Travel, Infrastructure, Public Education, Transit Services, Postal Service, Commerce, Internet, Radio/TV (All Communication Overseen by the FCC), Phones, the Digital Switch
Activity in these areas will have the goal of recovering from past damage. Updating and repairs are long overdue, and growth here will be emphasized. Domestic travel will be reduced for a few more months, then pick up. Worth noting: This area rules emigration — there will be more people leaving the US than entering. (ruled by Moon v/c Scorpio)

Living Conditions, Interests of the People, Real Estate, Agriculture, Weather Events, Mining, Natural Resources (National Parks, etc.)
The nation is initially debilitated in these areas. Improvement will come soon, but will be uneven. There is a major shift away from a value system based on economic wealth, and the US will gradually cease being a country of the very rich and the very poor. This is the realm of domestic surveillance, but this will cease in most ways almost immediately. Also, this area represents the Republicans (party out of power). They are stuck in old ways of thinking but may return to the role of the loyal opposition soon. (ruled by Moon v/c Scorpio/ fall moving into Sagittarius)

Children, Fun/Sports/Entertainment, Stock Market, the Senate
With Saturn inhabiting this house, all these areas will experience substantial limitations. With money flowing less freely, it stands to reason that people will spend less on optional activities like vacations, sports, and entertainment. Don’t look to make money in the stock market as a short-term investment, although there will always be exceptional stocks.

All Workers, Civil Servants, Armed Forces, Public Health, Manufacturing
This is a linchpin area for the nation’s future well-being. People and political actions in these areas will fare well. All of these areas are pivotal to the economic turn-around, including healthcare reform. (ruled by Venus exalted in Pisces)

Foreign Relations, Open Enemies, and War
Obama’s election marks the end of old, debilitated way of relating to other nations, esp. where natural resources are concerned (oil, etc.) The Moon is in this house, suggesting that foreign powers will affect domestic travel (e.g. via oil/gasoline), commerce, communications and welfare of the people, including real estate. It is likely that foreigners will continue to buy American properties. Warlike behavior will be controlled, limited, deliberate, and not taken lightly. (ruled by Mars exalted in Capricorn)

Treasury, Federal Reserve/Other Reserve Banks, the National Debt
This area will be a double-edged sword in the coming four years. We will be able to free ourselves of concerns about debt, but we ignore it at our peril. If the huge new deficit is not funded by foreign economies, money will be printed increasing inflation and devaluing the dollar. (Ruled by Jupiter in Aquarius)

The Federal Judiciary, High Courts, Higher Education, Long-Distance Travel, the Media, Immigration, Secretary of State, Foreign Relations
These areas show great promise and will be the source of increasing well-being in other areas. A calmer, more diplomatic approach to foreign relations will lead to a calmer world, easier international trade. We will create a country with good boundaries, where foreign versus domestic products are on an even economic par. Higher education and research will become an engine of prosperity again. Although there will be challenges, the Secretary of State will do very well in her role. Ideological activism in the courts will be more limited, and new Supreme Court vacancies are possible. They will be well and wisely filled. (Mars in Capricorn occupying, ruled by Saturn in Virgo)

The Head of State (Obama) and the Party in Power
With the majority of the planets found in Aquarius in this house, a universe of hopes are pinned on President Obama. He is stuck with many problems from the past (especially but not only the Bush Administration). Mr. Obama has the right kind of inexperience — that which can enable him to think outside the box. He has the inner independence to act unconventionally and with ingenuity and enterprise. With Mr. Obama in the lead, he will enable us to dream a new dream of America and forge a new path - egalitarian, freedom-oriented, responsible, and cohesive. (Aquarius stellium occupying, ruled by Saturn in Virgo)

The Legislature (Esp. the House), Goals, Policies, Allies
We will be especially blessed, perhaps miraculously so, in these areas, with Venus exalted conjunct Uranus in Pisces here. There may be less pleasant surprises, but they will turn out well. We can expect actions here to be innovative, rebellious against the status quo, peaceful (bipartisan), to create good will. Congress and our allies will be open to new ideas, shedding old protocols, becoming veritable sugar daddies to the nation’s workers. (PF/Venus/Uranus Pisces)

Crime, Hidden Enemies, CIA/ Spies, Plagues/ Epidemics, Hospitals, Secret Societies, Prisons
Generally, these are areas that we tend to want held in check, reduced or defused. This is exactly what we can expect. This area also has to do with spirituality and karma. It suggests a movement into a new, more beneficial phase of American life and culture, an Era of Responsibility.

In Part Four of this series, we’ll take a look at key turning points and critical dates in the coming four years of Obama’s first term.