The Shape of Things to Come: Obama’s First Term, Part Four


This is Part Four of a series on the inauguration, which can be used to see the first four years of Obama’s presidency. The first part covers the powerful and promising Aquarian planetary grouping found in the chart. The second part outlines the general indicators of the chart and gives the winners and losers. Part Three explores how the Obama team will influence each area of national interest.

Even though we capture the experience of a significant moment in the cosmic snapshot called an astrological chart, the planets keep moving and dancing with each other. We can sneak a peak at upcoming events — their timing and tone if not their exact nature — by applying those motions to the chart(s).

In this case, it is more relevant and direct to apply the planetary movements to the charts of the head of state (President Obama) and the nation. (There is much dispute over which chart to use for the United States. I choose to use one cast for a time based on historical record. While this record is approximate, it clearly places the signing of the Declaration of Independence before noon on July 4. I use a rectification of this time performed by Dobyns and Boehrer.)

Reinvigorating the American Experiment: Pluto in Capricorn
Although there are many factors to consider, one of the main ones is Pluto, which has entered Capricorn in the past year. It will remain there for 15 more years, passing slowing in contact with many of the planets in the US chart. These planets are associated with the economy and enterprise in the country. Interestingly, the configuration is also associated with the use of slaves to boost the wealth of business interests. It is still manifest in our nation as the tendency to take advantage of others through greedy selfish interests.

As Pluto makes its way through the sign, it will guide us to rectify this flaw in our national identity. The critical periods of influence for Pluto can be measured in years rather than days, as follows:

• 2009-10 (opposition to Venus)
• 2010-11 (opposition to Jupiter)
• 2014-16 (opposition to the Sun/square to Saturn)
• 2018-21 (square to Chiron/PF)

These years will involve an awakening to a new way of managing the economy and of accumulating and distributing the fruits of success.

Eclipses: Chapters of National Life (and Our Own)
Two eclipses (one solar and one lunar) occur every 5½ months and set off a new chapter of history, with its own unique focus. The eclipses expand in significance for Obama’s term because he was elected under eclipses. What’s more, the inauguration occurred under the shadow of an eclipse, which happens on Monday (January 26).

It is sufficient for now to mention the dates of the eclipses most important to the nation:
• 1/26/09
• 7/22/09
• 1/15/10
• 1/4/11
• 6/4/12
• 11/28/12

Key Dates for President Obama
President Obama’s chart is currently being affected by Pluto (his Venus) as he and his family go through a dramatic change in fortunes and circumstances. After that, he does not have much Pluto involvement until long after he would leave office.

The eclipses are another story. Here are the eclipses that stand out for him in the next four years:
• 1/26/09
• 2/9/09
• 8/6/09
• 1/15/10
• 11/25/11
• 12/10/11
• 5/20/12
• 11/28/12

There is no question that Mr. Obama has many hurdles to clear during his first term of office. Fortunately, most of his critical chapters do not overlap with those most significant for the US.

Much more can be said about President Obama’s first term and what we will experience during it. Suffice it to say for now that, while many challenges lie ahead of us, our nation appears to be in the most capable hands — President Obama’s and our own. As events unfold and each date approaches, we’ll have the opportunity to consider them in more depth.

Ken Burns, in an interview yesterday on Countdown with Keith Olbermann, said of Obama’s acumen as a leader,

“All of our leaders are always less than we make them out to be . . . . . . . This president that we have today understands what the difference between how, say Abraham Lincoln actually was and how we make him is our wish for ourselves. And Barack Obama has understood that it is the articulation of that wish for ourselves, something we do, [that] is better than anything else.”

This describes with incredible eloquence the Aquarian dreams we have of our president on behalf of ourselves and our nation, and how he will teach us to create them for ourselves.

This is the fourth and final part of Obama’s First Term, a series addressing the astrology of the first four years of the Obama Administration.

Update 1/26/09: I added 7/22/09 to the list of important eclipses for the US. Thanks to Jude Cowell for bringing this important date to my attention. I will be addressing the impact of this eclipse in a future post.


jude cowell said...

Hi Terry, what a great presentation for the US and for BHO, thanks! I esp appreciate your comments on the Aquarian aspects of the situation - the 'union' of the American people with our new president, plus, our idealistic AQ Moon.

(Am wondering why your Stars Over Washington feed hasn't updated in 3 months - it's listed with Feedburner now - can the different address be the the problem? No techie here - just wondering!)

Is there a reason the July 2009 Solar Ecl isn't listed?

I 'see' 11S as more problematic than the one occurring here in a few minutes - because it's been the PE of some violent happenings in the past when 'old methods and systems fail' and 'blocks may be violently or tragically removed (B. Brady)...of course we're having that already, aren't we? ;p


Terry said...


Thanks for your comments.

I haven’t examined the July 22 eclipse in as much depth as you, but perhaps my different take on it is based partially on the fact that I don’t use the Sibly chart for the US. To be sure, I’ll be re-examining it, now that you’ve brought it up!

I have learned to look especially for charts that hit the US North Node, because every war and most of the “police actions” have triggered this point. This is one reason why I wasn’t happy with GW Bush as prez from the start - his ASC-Merc-Pluto hits it dead on!

I simply looked at the hits of the eclipse points to the US chart which, while simple, has produced reliable results in the past. I have not been in the habit of using Saros cycles, so I missed that point. In my cursory glance, this didn’t strike me as a significant eclipse, but I defer to your deeper study. Would you care to comment on what events occurred under this series previously in the US?

I have tried removing and re-adding “Stars Over Washington”, but it hasn’t updated yet. Let’s see. I added the url, Please let me know if this is not correct. I don’t know what else to do with it myself, but I will bring it up with blogger if it doesn’t update. I’ll keep an eye on it. Thanks for pointing it out.


Terry said...

Additional note to previous comment:

The 7/22 Solar Eclipse is within 2 degrees of opposing the US Pluto, so I think we can say that this is also a significant eclipse in Obama's First Term.