Walking on Water: Obama’s First Term, Part Two


This is Part Two of a series on the inaugural chart, which can be used to see the first four years of Obama’s presidency. The first part covers the powerful and promising Aquarian planetary grouping found in the chart.

The miraculous rescue of the passengers on US Airways Flight 1549 tells us a lot about the Obama inauguration — and his term of office. The planets that prevailed at the time of the most incredible event in the history of air travel are still with us today, as the inauguration takes place.

A Blessing of Planets
In Part One of this series on the Obama inaugural chart and what it tells us about his first term of office, I explored the Aquarian mega-group of planets that will lift and carry us in the coming four years. But wait — there’s more to be sublimely happy about.

One thing astrologers consider when assessing a chart is the condition of the planets in it. Each planet has places (by zodiac sign) where it is happier and others where it is on its worst behavior. The good news is that we have TWO planets in their happiest place, the sign of their exaltation.

Triply Blessed
The first of these is Venus, found in Pisces. Venus, the planet of love and money (or anything we value) and women, is in this sign of spirituality and mysticism. It evokes the highest form of love, which is not concerned with whether the love ever is fulfilled in an earthly way. On the one hand sacrificial, it is also pure and angelic. Since Venus is already a “benefic” planet (that is, one that humans handle well), this is especially helpful.

The second is Mars, currently located in Capricorn. Now, Mars is the planet of war and conflict. At its worst, it is oblivious to the input of others; at its best it is protective and contained in its highly energetic ways of expressing itself. In Capricorn, Mars is a well-managed energy and can be used most constructively. This is incredibly fortunate, as Mars is one of the planets that humans have the most trouble with.

When even one planet is in its exaltation, events tend to turn out mysteriously better than expected. And just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, it does! This effect is even more auspicious because Mars and Venus are forming a very strong positive contact with each other (a sextile). Venus-Mars is one the primal planetary pairs (along with Mercury-Jupiter, Moon-Saturn, and Sun-Saturn) that make the world work better when they have a harmonious connection.

So, we have an opportunity connection between two favored planets that belong together — a triple blessing. And, if that weren’t enough, Venus and Mars make harmonious contacts to the biggest bugaboo in the heavens right now, the dreaded Saturn-Uranus opposition.

This is the energy under which the crash of Flight 1549 resulted in the survival of all 155 passengers, and this is the energy under which Obama and the nation will begin the journey to reinvigorate the American spirit. We will feel the positive energies of the Venus-Mars combination in the areas of the chart (houses) ruled and inhabited by these planets.

The Not-So-Downside
I mentioned in Part One that Mercury is retrograde in the chart, and what it signifies in our current conditions. Mercury retrograde can indicate a change in the expected timing of events in the areas ruled (or inhabited) by Mercury. This means that events could occur sooner or later than is the norm. It could be the mandate Obama hopes to have in getting legislation through Congress.

Last but not least is the Moon, which will be void of course in Scorpio. Some astrologers have been mystified, others horrified at the prospect of a void-of-course Moon in the inaugural chart. Many believe that the void Moon means that nothing started under it will be completed, or it will come to nothing. This could suggest that Obama’s presidency will be ineffective or come to nothing.

I take it much more literally: At the end of a sign, it signals that we are near the end of an era or way of perceiving the world. We are on the verge of change — for the better, because the Moon in Scorpio is in the sign of its fall (this does not mean that if you have Moon in Scorpio, it is unfortunate — you’ve had a lifetime to learn to manage it). When it leaves its fall, it goes into Sagittarius, a more fortunate position, because the Moon will be ruled by and positively connected to Jupiter, the put-you-through-school Great Uncle who gives you all the atta-boys you need when you need them. So, this Moon indicates that we are sorely in need of change and about to get it.

Finally, the problem with a void Moon is the fact that it doesn’t connect to anything. However this one does: It is on Obama’s Midheaven (point of leadership) as he takes the oath of office. This means there is a connection to the Moon, and it can be used.

Generally Speaking . . .
Ignoring the whys and wherefores, the inaugural chart describes what we’ll experience over the next four years at general influences. The areas of national concern that where conditions will improve are:
  • the mood of the people
  • all workers/laborers, civil servants, armed forces, public health
  • foreign relations, open enemies, and war
  • the judiciary, high courts, higher education, long-distance travel, the media, immigration, Secretary of State
  • the head of state (Obama) and the party in power
  • the legislature, esp. the House, goals/policies, allies
  • crime, hidden enemies, CIA/spies, plagues/epidemics, hospitals, secret societies, prisons
Areas where conditions will be slow or more difficult are:
  • the nation’s finances/wealth
  • domestic travel, public education, transit and travel, postal service, commerce, internet, radio/TV (all communication overseen by FCC), phones, the digital switch
  • living conditions, interests of the people, real estate, agriculture, weather events, mining, domestic resources
  • children, fun/sports/entertainment, stock market, the Senate
Area where there’s both an up and a down side:
  • the Treasury, Federal Reserve/other reserve banks, national debt
Winners & Losers
To sum up, we can name some winners and losers for Obama’s first term:
  • Winners - Democrats, blue-collar and green-collar workers, civil servants, those in public service, armed forces, health care providers/alternative health providers
  • Losers - (right-wing) Republicans, the wealthy, investors, health care industry
Although, if you believe in Obama’s ability to be post-partisan (or at least bipartisan), perhaps he can create a world where everyone is a winner. That’s what our new Leo leader has in mind, and he may just be able to pull it off.

In Part Three of the series, we’ll look at the specifics in the areas of the national interest.