Obama Begins Presidency with a Series of Do-Overs: Mercury Retrograde Strikes in a Mostly Positive Way


In keeping with the Mercury retrograde now gracing the heavens, Obama spent the day going over territory already covered at least once, including the presidential oath of office. At a time around 7:35 PM, Chief Justice John Roberts donned his black robe and re-administered the swearing-in to a small group in the White House Map Room. This was clearly a CYA move. It has happened to two other presidents, Calvin Coolidge and Chester A. Arthur.

In other activities of the day, Obama reversed several policies and positions of the Bush Administration, including the policy statement regarding lobbyists and that regarding the Freedom of Information Act. Tomorrow the president promises to sign the Guantanamo detention center out of existence, although it will take up to a year to go away.


yeshe_choden said...

So does that Oath do-over negate the VOC Moon in the original chart?

The flubbed Oath happened a few minutes after noon, too, due to the program running a bit late.

Terry said...

The original oath and the transition of power were on January 20th, and that's the event that will stand as the "radix" (root) chart that seeds the presidency. So, the do-over doesn't negate the v/c Moon.

But don't worry. I think people misunderstand the nature of the v/c Moon. It means that there will be no activity until the Moon changes signs, and that conditions and perceptions will change once it does. We can see that this was the case, and there will probably be a few "dead" issues that hang around for a while in his presidency. (We can see LOTS of those.)

The Moon gains dignity (or at least loses debility) when it changes signs, and this has all kinds of good associations.

In the chart for 12:05 PM (which is shown in Part Three of my series on Obama's First Term), there is no substantial change, save for 1 degree on the angles, which can be ferreted out through Sabian Symbols.

The Moon was v/c until 12:30 PM in Washington. Imo, the oath bumble and the do-over didn't really shift us out of the chart for noon on January 20, because no one thought it was really necessary, but an effort at due diligence.

Thanks for commenting!